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Watershed is Back!

After a brief semester off, we are back, and we're making it a goal of ours to embrace a wider range of writing and to amplify diverse voices and perspectives. As a refresher for those who have contributed to Watershed previously or who are hearing about Watershed for the first time, this graduate blog is designed to showcase graduate student voices from across the department. With our return to the platform, we are welcoming all genres of writing as they pertain to the interests of the graduate student body.

So, what kinds of writing are we looking for?

Critical Work

See any applications of your work to pop culture moments? Want to share some of what you are currently working on? Watershed encourages a wide range of topics that you are interested in or intrigued by. Critical work such as literary analysis or book reviews is the bread and butter of Watershed, and we would love to feature what you have been up to. For examples of what we mean by “critical work,” check out posts like Feminist Education via YouTube, Costume Culture, Monster Movies, and Hell Houses: A Queer Unpacking of Halloween, or OUR EXPERIENCE WITH SEX-ED: How Bridgerton Reminds Us of the Importance of Learning About Our Bodies.

Creative Writing

With all of the incredible creatives in the department, the Watershed leadership team is excited to share and bolster your creative writing. Whether short stories, poetry, or prose, fiction or nonfiction, we are welcoming of all that you are working on.

Department Showcases

It is no secret how incredible the UNL English grad students are. With this, another genre of writing that you can find in the existing blog posts and that we are looking for at Watershed is feature pieces of the department’s grad students as well as happenings across campus. For examples of what a department showcase post might look like, check out posts like Humanities on the Edge Presents: Anna Arabindan-Kesson, Timothy Schaffert and The Perfume Thief, or 5 Questions with Charlotte Kupsh.

And More!

While the genres listed above are typically what we are looking for, we are open to whatever you are excited to share. If you have any questions about the parameters for submissions or would like to submit your work, check out our “contact” tab for more information.

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