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  • Briar Essex

ten minutes standing still in a station

ten minutes standing still in a station

grand central

people taking pictures of a ceiling

red & green lights on greek gods

photos posed with the clock

an apple glowing above

new haven husdon harlem

father showing son commute

sidestep tourists like

man making movie with a camera on a stick

supreme bag slung across body

ice skating later

bodies bundled bustling

heads enclosed in hats

creole chatter

a sit down on the stairs

orange leather pants

faces facing screens

food rises from below where

i remember whispering walls

person passes reminiscing restaurants

concourse closed

duffle dragged on floor

tired eyes seeing the stars

kid swings between parents hands

seventy year old selfies

i sneeze a stranger blesses me

woman’s wheels don’t work doesn’t seem to mind

bald heads & canes & holding hands

mother daughters matching coats

a kiss

lady looking lost or maybe just looking

father daughter matching crutches mom carries bags

bleached hair

bored looking businessmen

waxed moustache

smug smiles

prams pushed

salvation army bells

hear ‘hey sister’ & baulk

but it’s just merry christmas

ten minutes.

time to go.

- Briar Essex

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