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2014 Overview: Gay Male Pornography

Allow me to present a particular series of images.

The fourth scene of Michael Lucas’s Urine Fist Fest begins with Adam Killian and Christian Herzog passionately kissing and heavily drooling on each other while lying in bed. The couple’s exaggerated kissing lasts for several minutes as they eagerly lap at each other’s face and body with their tongues humorously hanging from their mouths. Killian quickly strips Herzog of his clothes, pushes his knees to his shoulders, and displays Herzog’s pink shaved anus. Killian aggressively rims and plays with Herzog—pulling his buttocks apart, spitting into his slightly parted anus, lapping at the pooled saliva and spreading it around Herzog’s perineal region with his face, and probing his tongue into Herzog. (Throughout this scene, Lucas amplifies the sound of Killian’s lapping tongue, spitting, and sucking mouth.) After several minutes of frottage and fellatio, Herzog positions himself on his knees, bends over, and Killian spits on his anus, spreads Herzog’s buttocks, stares at his anus, applies lubricant, and fingers Herzog. Killian alternates between licking, fingering, stretching apart the anus, and commanding, “Show me your ass.” Killian continues his efforts to loosen Herzog, briefly topping him before rimming him again, and Lucas’s camera highlights Herzog’s pliant anus. As Killian pulls apart the anus, Herzog begins to display a small rosebud, and the interior flesh of his anal canal is a vivid magenta. Herzog fully rosebuds for the first time and the vibrant flesh of his anal canal protrudes from his body for several seconds. Killian eagerly sucks on the exposed flesh as Herzog moans in pleasure before drawing himself back into his body. Killian flips Herzog onto his back, puts on black latex gloves, and begins rubbing a thick, white lubricant paste into Herzog’s anus and surrounding perineal region. Killian slowly works on Herzog's anus, steadily introducing more and more fingers and lubricant into Herzog before finally, fully fisting him. Herzog simultaneously grimaces in pain and sighs in pleasure as Killian inserts his right then left arms wrist deep in quick succession into him, twisting his fists clockwise and counterclockwise before removing them. After several repetitions, Killian instructs Herzog, “Push,” and Herzog displays a larger and more prominent convoluted rosebud, which Killian avidly proceeds to taste. When Herzog moves into a new position on his knees, Killian begins to double fist him, and his fisting becomes more intense as he pushes his arms up to the mid forearm into Herzog. In the midst of this action, Lucas’s camera lingers on the thick, white, mucous-like lubricant (simultaneously evoking and differentiated from dingier mixtures of lubricant, semen, and fecal matter) that clots on Killian’s arms, on Herzog’s buttocks, and in the folds of his anal flesh. When Killian and Herzog ejaculate on each other’s chest and face at the conclusion of the scene, for a moment, the color and texture of their semen precisely matches the color and texture of the fisting lubricant that coated Herzog’s anus.

These images of Herzog’s ecstatic and uncontainable body that pleasurably spirals in and out of visibility attract and repel, excite and unsettle. Although it may seem a bit unusual for a consumer of gay male pornography to be unsettled and disturbed by images of the male anus, normative, “mainstream” hardcore excludes much from its images of eroticism and represents a startlingly limited range of licit sex acts. This year I will examine gay male pornography, and I will explore how pornographic encounters and scenes like the one I have just described negotiate ideas of transgression, abjection, and ecstasy and the politico-aesthetic potential of these events.

-Edwardo Rios

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